Recommended cleaning procedure for the exterior surface of the MET ONE 3400+

MET ONE 3400 Plus Cleaning Cleanroom

The MET ONE 3400+ instrument can be cleaned using appropriate and typical commercially available cleanroom agents without damaging its surface finish or functionality. These agents include but are not limited to: Water with a mild detergent, IPA, Spor Klenz, and diluted H2O2. Use proper Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) as necessary during this procedure, e.g., gloves, eye protection, etc.


1. Power down the instrument.
2. Remove external power.
3. Remove batteries.
4. Remove communication cables and insert the rubberized dust cap assembly into the communication ports on the right side, near the rear of the instrument.
5. Disconnect the sample tubing from the sample inlet fitting and snap the protective cap over the sample inlet at the top center of the instrument. 

Preferred cleaning method

6. Spray an appropriate amount of cleaning solution onto a lint free cloth and not directly onto the surface of the instrument.
Note - Do not saturate the lint free cloth.
7. After an appropriate amount of cleaning solution has been sprayed onto the lint free cloth, carefully wipe the entire surface of the instrument including the touchscreen display.

Alternate cleaning method

8. Spray the instrument using a fine mist, ensuring the cleaning solution does not penetrate through vent holes or gaps of enclosure and does not cause running of the fluid in such a way that it may enter the instrument. One exception is the front screen which is sealed to the enclosure. If excessive cleaning solution is sprayed on enclosure wipe off immediately and repeat with a fine mist.
Note - Though many elements of the instrument are fully immune to direct spray, there are vent holes to allow airflow through the instrument and could allow ingress of an excessive amount of liquid.
9. Let the instrument air dry.
10. Procedure complete

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