Experimental Protocols

Depending on your area of research, you might not have to develop a new experimental protocol from square one. 

We’ve developed a library of proven protocols for use with Beckman Coulter instruments.

Take a few minutes to review this list of protocols. It might save you hours of time spent creating your own.

Content and Resources

RNA Isolation from Mucoid Bacteria with RNAdvance Tissue Kit This protocol significantly reduces viscosity due to the presence of exopolysaccharides and decreases the amount of polysaccharide in the final eluate.
GenFind V2 Supplemental Protocol: Isolation of gDNA from Large Number of Cells This protocol provides a method for extracting intact, high quality gDNA, while being scalable and offering the ability to be automated on Beckman Coulter liquid handler
Cell-Free DNA (cfDNA) Isolation from Plasma using Apostle MiniMax™ High Efficiency cfDNA Isolation Kit on a King Fisher™ Duo Prime This protocol demonstrates the Apostle MiniMax High Efficiency cfDNA Isolation Kit performance on the KingFisher Duo Prime purification system.
Simultaneous DNA & RNA Extraction from Cultured Cells without Splitting Lysate We developed a protocol using Beckman Coulter reagents to isolate both DNA and RNA from the same cultured cell sample. The method utilizes a proprietary buffer to selectively bind RNA and DNA
DNA extraction from cell culture using GenFind V3 This protocol provides a method for extracting DNA from cultured cells (≤ 2 million cells). Data shown shows the efficiency of this procedure with 1.4 million Jurkart cells, an immortalized line of human T lymphocyte cells