Anaerobic Module, BioLector XT

Product No:M2P-E-AN-300

The anaerobic module for the BioLector XT microbioreactor enables strict anaerobic fermentation processes combined with a controlled, low nitrogen gas flow rate. This enables you to run cultivations under the exclusion of oxygen without the need of placing the instrument itself in an artificial atmosphere.

The microtiter plate (MTP) is filled and sealed with a foil inside an anaerobic bench. Afterwards, the BioLector XT gassing lid is placed atop the plate, sealing the MTP tightly against incoming gas. The plate-lid combination is now protected from the outer environment and can be carried to the BioLector instrument, maintaining the anaerobic conditions inside.

After placing the plate-lid combination inside the microbioreactor, both are connected via gas tubing. During fermentation, a continuous flow of nitrogen through the MTP-lid headspace is maintained. Therefore, any exposure to oxygen is prevented, providing a constant anaerobic environment.

Independent of the anaerobic module all standard features of the microbioreactor remain unchanged. In addition, the instrument can be equipped with any or all other BioLector XT modules at the same time.

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