Sealing Foil F-RSXT-10

Gas permeable sealing foil with evaporation reduction and perforated silicone layer for the BioLector XT Microbioreactor

Technical parameters

Two-layer sandwich silicone mat
3 mm venting holes to reduce cross section for evaporation 4 mm positioning holes for simple application
Top layer: silicone mat thickness 2 mm, including venting holes and pre-cut slits for automated or manual sampling/dosing
Bottom layer: non-gas permeable bonding sheet (glue layer) including venting holes, already glued to top layer
Separate layer: gas permeable non-woven membrane (part no. F-GP-10), to be ordered separately
Self resealing pre-cut slits for penetration by syringe (manual) or robotic tips (automated)
Suitable for foil application with the Foil Applicator XT
For non-robotic experiments (per run): 1x F-RSXT-10 + 1x F-GP-10*1
For robotic experiments (per run): 2x F-RSXT-10 + 1x F-GP-10*1

Length: 121.9 mm
Width: 80.4 mm

20 kGy (ß-radiation)
Sterile packed in single bags

Autoclavability: no
For single use only
Unit size: 1x 10 pcs. in sterilized bag
Medical grade adhesive
Temperature range: -20 – 80°C

 Sealing Foil F-RSXT-10


Top view dimensions for automation [mm]

  Top View Dimensions for Automation


Also available specialized sealing foils

Non-woven, gas permeable membrane which serves as sterile barrier

Specialized sealing foils

Assembly of microtiter plate, foils and gassing head

Assembly of microtiter plate foils and gassing head

*1To be ordered separately
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