Control Standards and Method Recommendations for the LS 13 320 XR


The LS 13 320 XR particle size analyzer features a significantly improved particle analysis range that spans from 10nm to 3500µm. The improved electronics and optical detection system extends the analysis range providing actual measurement capability from 10nm to 3500µm while improving individual peak discrimination. With this new capability come a new set of control standards to adequately verify instrument/module performance. Periodical performance checks in the lab provides the customer confidence that their measurement system is operating at peak performance levels.


The following tables detail the important Control Standards and Method setup. The new ADAPT software allows easy Method creation to include specific and critical parameters located in the table below. Periodic quality checks will prove equipment capability and will inspire confidence in the instrument and can satisfy Quality department requirements and concerns.

ULM Methods

Method Name Sample Quality Module Type Runs Run Time Sample Loading Debubble Circulation Pump Speed Rinse Before Optical Model Use PIDS? Carrier Fluid Control Part Number
 40 nm PSL ULM 25 drops ULM  3 90  4-6%  Yes  15%  Yes  Polystyrene  Yes  Water  C12537
 100 nm PSL ULM 4-5 drops ULM 
3 90  14-18%  Yes  15%  Yes  Polystyrene  Yes  Water  C12538
 300 nm Latron ULM 1 drop ULM 
3 90  <30%  Yes  15%  Yes  Polystyrene  Yes  Water  7800377
 Tri-modal 85, 200, 500 nm PSL ULM 1 drop ULM
3 90  12-20%  Yes  15%  Yes  Polystyrene  Yes  Water  C18128
 1 μm PSL ULM 3-4 drops ULM 3 90  5-12%  Yes  35%  Yes  Polystyrene  Yes  Water  C12541
 G15 ULM (~15μm)  0.5 grams + 6 drops IIA dispersant ULM
3 90  10%  Yes  40%  No  Silica Carbide RI=2.65, i=0  No  Water  7800370
 GB500 ULM (~500μm) 1 gram ULM
3 90  7-8%  Yes  35%  No  Glass Beads (RI=1.51, i=0)  No  Water  7800372
 1 mm Acrylic ULM 0.2 grams ULM
3 90  >1.5%  Yes  35%  Yes  Acrylic  No  Water  C20787
 Dispersant IIA AR ULM
N/A N/A  N/A  N/A  N/A  N/A  N/A  N/A  N/A  6600706


DPS Tornado Methods

 Method Name Material Quantity  Module Type  *Advanced Mode  Smoothing Method  Smoothing Weighting  Sample Loading  Spinner Speed  Lift Speed  Optical Model  Carrier Fluid  Control Part Number 
 GB500 ULM (~500μm)  2.5 grams  Tornado  Yes  3  3  8%  50%  30%  Glass Beads (RI=1.51, i=0)  Air  7800372
 G35D (~35μm)  5 grams  Tornado  No  N/A  N/A  5-7%  50%  30%  Silica Carbide RI=2.65, i=0)  Air  7800499
 3mm PSL  5 grams  Tornado  No  N/A  N/A  8%  50%  25%  Polystyrene  Air  C21940


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