What is required to comply with the USP chapter on Conductivity (USP <645>) for a TOC analyzer?

For a TOC analyzer to report conductivity in compliance with USP<645>, it must be possible to calibrate both the cell constant and the meter accuracy. The PAT700 is designed to comply fully with the requirements of USP <645>.

In USP <645> for Conductivity, the calibration requirements include checking the conductivity instrument’s cell constant using a traceable, certified conductivity solution, as well as checking the meter accuracy using a NIST-certified resistor. The PAT700 allows the use of a traceable, certified conductivity solution to check its cell constant and also the use of a NIST-certified resistor to check the accuracy of its meter. Hence it is fully compliant and can be used to report both TOC to USP <643> and Conductivity to USP <645>.