Most TOC analyzers need service and calibration every 6 months. Why does the PAT700 only need service and calibration every 12 months?

The ANATEL PAT700 has auto-switching Main and Standby UV lamps with UV Detect extending service intervals to 12 months.

Most TOC analyzers use UV light to oxidize the TOC to CO2 and then measure the CO2 generated to calculate the amount of TOC present in the sample. If the UV lamp fails, then the TOC analyzer will not detect or measure TOC. In most TOC analyzers the UV lamp is permanently turned on. In this configuration, the UV lamps have an in-use life of between 6 and 10 months. The TOC analyzer therefore requires service and calibration every 6 months. The PAT700 however only turns on the UV light when it is oxidizing a sample. This extends the UV light life to around 12 months. In addition, it also has two UV lights, one used as the Main UV and the second used as a Standby UV light in case the first fails. The PAT700 measures the UV light output and, should the first light fail, it automatically switches on the Standby light, thus extending the service interval to well in excess of 12 months.