Process Development Manufacturing: Biotherapeutics

Process Development Manufacturing

The huge potential of biotherapeutics for revolutionizing healthcare is, unfortunately, matched by equally enormous challenges inherent in commercializing them. Upstream challenges with proof of concept, for example. Or downstream challenges such as process development for experiments, qualification methods and QC/QA strategies.

And all these challenges can pale in comparison to the work involved with successfully meeting rigorous requirements for cGMP manufacturing—while at the same time minimizing risks and costs every step of the way.

Biopharma companies can’t manufacture anything until they complete their process development work. And in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, pressure to expedite process development for biotherapies is relentless.

But if slow progress “from molecule to market” were a disease afflicting today’s biomanufacturers, one element of an effective treatment plan would be identifying expert partners who can provide the insights and technologies needed to efficiently accelerate the complex process from beginning to end.

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