GenFind V2 Performance and Data

Genomic DNA Isolation from Blood and Serum

High recovery of amplifiable genomic DNA (gDNA) from blood and serum is essential for reliable qPCR, NGS and other downstream analyses. The GenFind V2 DNA purification system isolates PCR compatible gDNA from fresh and frozen blood collected in tubes containing anticoagulants such as EDTA, citrate or heparin. The method can be run manually in a 2 mL tube format or 96-well format, or automated in 96-well format on a variety of Beckman Coulter Biomek liquid handling workstations. Additional protocols are available for extracting genomic DNA from cultured eukaryotic cells, bacteria, FTA cards, and fresh or frozen tissue.

  • Higher recovery of gDNA compared to top competitor kits
  • Optimal and consistent purity and quality of gDNA
  • No carryover of inhibitors for exceptional PCR amplifiability


Superior Recovery and Purity of gDNA

Genomic DNA was extracted from 400µL of fresh or frozen blood collected in tubes containing heparin, EDTA and citrate with GenFind V2 and other suppliers’ kits. [Figure 1] Samples were quantitated with the Quant-iT DNA assay kit (Thermo Fisher Scientific) for DNA yield. Higher amounts of gDNA were recovered using the GenFind V2 kit over other suppliers’ kits. [Figure 2] Samples were accessed for purity using the NanoDrop (Thermo Fisher Scientific). For all types of fresh and frozen blood samples, GenFind V2 purified gDNA with A260/280 ratios within satisfactory ratios.

Genomics Genfind v2 DNA Yield

Figure 1

Genomics Genfind v2 DNA Purity

Figure 2

Visual Workflow

Genomics Genfind V2 Workflow 
  1. Lyse whole blood or serum in Lysis Buffer and Proteinase K
  2. Bind gDNA to magnetic beads
  3. Separate beads from contaminants
  4. Wash the magnetic beads with Wash Buffer 1 to remove contaminants
  5. Wash the magnetic beads with Wash Buffer 2 to remove contaminants
  6. Elute gDNA from magnetic beads
  7. Transfer to new plate


Automation Vs. Manual Timing

Estimated hands-on time and total time, in hours, required to perform GenFind V2 DNA extractions. Extractions can be performed either manually or automated on a Biomek Workstation. The table represents automated times preformed on a Biomek i-Series. The difference in time between manual and automation is indicated (NR=not recommended).

GenFind V2 Manual Automated
Batch Size 8 Hands-on Time 1.00 0.25
Total Time 2.00 2.00
24 Hands-on Time 1.50 0.25
Total Time 2.50 2.00
48 Hands-on Time NR 0.25
Total Time NR 2.00
96 Hands-on Time NR 0.25
Total Time NR 2.00


Products for DNA Isolation from Blood

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