Sanger Dye Terminator Removal

CleanSEQ Cleanup and Size Selection

A rapid, high-performance dye-terminator removal process using a paramagnetic bead-based technology.

  • Requires no centrifugation or filtration
  • Performed manually or fully automated for high-throughput dye-terminator removal
  • Produces sequences with longer Phred 20 read lengths and higher signal intensities than any other purification technology

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Product Features

CleanSEQ is a highly efficient, easily automated sequencing purification system that removes Big Dye terminator and sequencing reaction contaminants.

Compatible with common sequencing chemistries and platforms in both 96- and 384-well formats. CleanSEQ is automation-friendly allowing both high throughput and format flexibility.

Consistently Delivers
Long Phred20 read lengths averaging over 700 bps and pass rates of 85% or higher. Increased average signal strength - efficient elimination of sequecing reaction contaminants.

High Quality Sequencing Results
Higher average signal intensity compared to ethanol precipitation, gel filtration, and silica-based magnetic reagents.

Product Specifications

Application Uses Sanger sequencing, DNA sequencing, Purification & Clean-up, Dye-Terminator Removal, PCR Clean-up
Starting Sample Material DNA
Automated Available Yes
Item Specifications Referenced A29154

Content and Resources

Agencourt CleanSEQクイックマニュアル Agencourt CleanSEQの日本語簡易版マニュアルです。使用前には正式なマニュアル(英文)を必ずご一読ください。
SPRI Methodology Solid Phase Reversible Immobilization (SPRI) technology, uses paramagnetic beads to selectively bind nucleic acids by type and size.
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