DNA Plasmid Purification


A SPRI paramagnetic bead-based system for all your plasmid purification needs.

  • Use a single protocol to purify a variety of high- and low-copy number template types
  • Perform manually or automated without sacrificing product quality
  • Purify plasmids in a 96-well format for high-throughput sample processing
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CosMCPrep Workflow

Genomics CosMCPrep DNA Plasmid Purification

Product Features

The CosMCPrep system is a versatile plasmid purification procedure designed to purify a variety of high- and low-copy number template types.

Various Template Types
CosMCPrep offers a single protocol for the purification of all template type including: low-copy plasmids, high-copy plasmids, Fosmids, BACs, and Cosmids.

CosMCPrep is easily automated using our Biomek Workstations to produce high-quality templates quickly and efficiently.

Content and Resources

CosMCPrep追加プロトコル ーマイクロチューブを用いた少数サンプルのプラスミドー 10サンプル以下のロースループット処理や、プレート遠心機が利用できない場合に適した、マイク ロチューブを用いた追加プロトコルです。
CosMCPREP DataSheet - High and Low Copy Plasmid Purification CosMCPrep uses a single protocol to purify a variety of high and low copy number templates while maintaining the flexibility to support bothmanual and automated processing.
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