Analytical Method Development Products

Analytical method development is an important key to process development. Analytical data on product quality is essential to gain process knowledge and also to determine the process parameters that are ideal for commercial scale manufacturing.

Optima AUC

Use the Optima AUC analytical ultracentrifuge for biophysical characterization, providing insights such as molecular weight, aggregation, and more. 

Optima Ultracentrifuges

Optima Ultracentrifuges perform for high quality purification during biophysical characterization.

Biomek i-Series

Use the Biomek i-Series liquid handlers for qPCR sample preparation

Echo 525

Use the Echo 525 Acoustic Liquid Handler for miniaturized qPCR sample preparation


The Vi-CELL BLU Cell Viability Analyzer provides analysis such as viability and count for bioassay development and testing

Avanti J-15R

The Avanti J-15R Centrifuge is a general purpose centrifuge for cellular sample preparation


Use the Vi-CELL MetaFLEX Bioanalyte analyzer for cell and plate based assays

Products and methods described are not intended for use in diagnostic procedures.