Preclinical Drug Development Products

Discover our products frequently used in Preclinical Drug Development.

CytoFLEX Flow

The easy to use benchtop CytoFLEX Flow Cytometer for super sensitivity and resolution
Biomek iSeries Automated Liquid Handlers

Biomek i-Series

The Biomek i-Series workstation is a multi-axis liquid handling platform with a modular design for a variety of assay needs

Avanti JXN Series side by side

Avanti JXN Series

Use high performance Avanti JXN Series Centrifuges for a wide variety of preclinical method applications


Simplify your population sorting with the CytoFLEX SRT Cell Sorter

DURAClone Antibody Panels

DURAClone Antibody Panel reagents are dry pre-formulated antibody panels for Immune System Research, Immune Functional Assays and Rare Events Analysis
Vi-CELL BLU cell counter trypan blue


Analyze a wide variety of cell types with the automated Vi-CELL BLU Cell Viability Analyzer

Avanti J-15R

Use the Avanti J-15 Series Benchtop Centrifuges for sample preparations, pelleting, extractions, and more



Use the Vi-CELL MetaFLEX Bioanalyte analyzer for automated cell culture media analysis

Products and methods described are not intended for use in diagnostic procedures.