Echo Liquid Handling for Cell-Based Assays

Improve Functional Screening Results

Test combinations of drugs, antibodies, siRNA duplexes, and CRISPR reagents in low volumes to identify impacts to cell functioning or toxicity. Echo Liquid Handlers reliably transfer samples and reagents from any well to any well to improve assay sensitivity and reproducibility.

Reduce Assay Costs Through MiniaturizationEcho 655T Acoustic Liquid Handler

The Echo Liquid Handler transfers nanoliter volumes of compounds and reagents which reduces laboratory costs, conserves precious and rare cell types, increases data quality, and minimizes the concentration of DMSO in each reaction. The ability to transfer into any SBS format destination type, including 1536-well microplates, ensures that laboratories can easily scale their throughput without liquid handling limitations.

Key Benefits

  • Dynamic Fluid Analysis technology ensures precise and accurate transfer of a wide range of reagents
  • Contact free liquid transfer eliminates tips providing additional cost savings, tip waste elimination, and reduction of carry over effects
  • Significant cost savings through minimizing sample and reagent volumes to levels impossible with other liquid handling technologies
  • Plug-and-play automation that addresses the entire assay workflow to deliver consistent results across multiple users