Evaluate Fluid Cleanliness Onsite and in the Field

Armed forces around the world must protect their airplanes, helicopters, ships, submarines and support equipment from unnecessary downtime—or complete operational failure. Achieving this requires contamination testing of fluids of various viscosity, such as hydraulic fluid, fuels, glycols, lubricant oils and Skydrol.

Particle contamination can be caused by a lack of proper fluid monitoring and can cost military departments millions of dollars that could otherwise be spent on vital services.

Portable liquid particle counters prevent and/or minimize costly consequences of particle contamination quickly and efficiently. The HIAC PODS+ allows operators to test fluid onsite—or in the field—and delivers actionable results in < 60 seconds, thereby simplifying proactive maintenance programs for military equipment in virtually any location.

Wherever the need and whatever the application, a HIAC liquid particle counter can help:

  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Increase machine reliability
  • Ensure maximum human safety
  • Reduce lubricant and filter consumption
  • Maintain compliance with industry standards (ISO, SAE, NAS, GOST and others)

HIAC liquid particle counters from Beckman Coulter meet ISO 11171 guidelines for accuracy and reliability.They’re also designed to meet the most demanding standards for ease of use and maintenance for military applications.

Lab Liquid Particle Counter

HIAC 8011+ liquid particle counter

HIAC 8011+

Easy to use with one-button sampling and results in under 60 seconds, the HIAC 8011+ system offers consistent, accurate fluid sampling from 1cST to 425 cSt without dilution.
HIAC ROC portable liquid particle counters


Ideal choice for a wide variety of industrial and mobile applications including multi-point system monitoring, hydraulic power units and fluid fill stations.
Hiac Pods Plus liquid particle counter


Integrated internal pump eliminating the need for CO2 cartridges and is highly portable with improved bubble degassing capabilities for virtually unlimited field sampling.

Content and Resources

Contamination Control in the Hydraulic Industry Rob Fish presents how contamination affects hydraulics and what you can do about it.
HIAC PODS+ Internal Compressor and Moisture Detector&nbsp; &nbsp; The internal compressor is connected to the airtight chamber/flow path in the HIAC PODS+. Air is compressed within the chamber that force bubbles to be compressed below sensor detection; thus, bubbles are not counted as particles as they pass by the laser and sensor. The internal Moisture Detector is an add on feature that monitors RH% with every run.
HIAC PODS+ Self-Diagnostic Alerts and Cleaning Routines <span style="color: black;">Operator purposely sampled fluid that exceeded 1000 cSt in viscosity so the PODS+ &ldquo;Calibration voltage out of range&rdquo; alert would trigger. The PODS+ is loaded with sensors that notifies the operator when the fluid exceeds coincidence level, air pressure too low, sensor is blocked, or the flow path is restricted/blocked. We alert the operator so sample fluid is not wasted nor analyzed for false answers. Two different Cleaning Routines allow the operator clean the sensor and/or the flow path to ensure accurate particle counting. This video also demonstrates both Cleaning Routines: Clean By Counts (analyzes particle counts while cleaning) and Clean By Volume (the amount of cleaning volume).</span>
HIAC PODS+ Online Mode <span style="color: black;">Watch our operator setup the PODS+ in Online Mode</span>
HIAC 8011+ Liquid Particle Counter Features<br> A brief review of some of the time-saving features of the HIAC 8011+ liquid particle counter, including precision cleaning, paperless data transfer and more