HIAC 8011+ Industrial Laboratory Liquid Particle Counter

This product is no longer available

As of August 25, 2021, the HIAC 8011+ liquid particle counter is obsolete and no longer available for purchase. Please use the button below to download HIAC 8011+ obsolescence letter for additional details including affected part numbers and our plans to provide ongoing service and support.

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The HIAC 8011+ is a liquid particle counting system designed for the real world. Easy to use with one-button sampling and results in under 60 seconds, the HIAC 8011+ system offers consistent, accurate fluid sampling from 1cST to 425 cSt without dilution. 

  • Intelligent on-screen prompts for common sampling activities
  • Fewer steps for higher throughput
  • Paperless option for application-specific reports
  • Online report review & approval

Documentation and Application Notes

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HIAC 8011+ Liquid Particle Counter Features

Intuitive Sampling

  • Advanced instrument diagnostics with recommended actions for users
  • User alerts for particle settling & run-to-run variances
  • HRLD Smart Sensor alerts for service & calibration

Data Management

  • Pressurized sample delivery minimizes impact of air bubbles
  • Integrated vacuum/de-gas function streamlines sample handling for increased accuracy
  • Automated sample flow ensures precision data


  • One-button sampling with results in < 60 seconds
  • Fast loading–up to 20 custom test recipes
  • Won sampling recipe setup in < 5 steps

Time Savings

  • No dilution required for high viscosity fluids (<425cSt)
  • Automated cleaning & flushing routines
  • Sensor contamination alarm when cleaning needed prior to sampling 

Running a Sample


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Switching from Oil Testing to Water and Back using the HIAC 8011+ and PODS+ This application note details the processes required when switching from water based sampling to oil based sampling and/or from oil based sampling to water based sampling in the HIAC 8011+ and HIAC PODS+
HIAC Industrial - Our overview solution for fluid power testing for all applications This application note details measuring fluid contamination by cleanliness standards like ISO 4406, SAE AS4059, and NAS 1638 for oil and hydraulic fluid applications.
HIAC 8011+ Web Server Application Setup Procedure Author: Bill F. Bars - Application Scientist for Beckman Coulter Life Sciences Company in Grants Pass, Oregon, USA.
Industrial Application Note 8011+ Reporting Standards Feature and Synopsis Author: Bill F. Bars - Application Scientist for Beckman Coulter Life Sciences Company in Grants Pass, Oregon, USA.
HIAC 8011+ Using Pressure To Reduce Entrained Air from Fluid Samples Author: Dave Dunham | Global Marketing Manager for Beckman Coulter Life Sciences | Published 2013

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