HIAC 8011+ Liquid Particle Counter Features

This product is no longer available

As of August 25, 2021, the HIAC 8011+ liquid particle counter is obsolete and no longer available for purchase. Please use the button below to download HIAC 8011+ obsolescence letter for additional details including affected part numbers and our plans to provide ongoing service and support.

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Particle Lab Liquid Counter HIAC 8011 sample bottleThe HIAC™ 8011+ Liquid Particle Counting System, is the culmination of over 30 years of particle counting expertise. Designed for ease of use, one button sampling yields results in under 60 seconds. The sample management system ensures consistent, accurate data and is capable of testing fluids from 1cSt to 425cSt without dilution. HIAC - the benchmark in industrial liquid particle counting, the brand you know and trust.


Intelligent on-screen prompts guide users through common sampling activity

Advanced instrument diagnostics with recommended actions for users | User alerts for particle settling and run-to-run variances | HRLD Smart Sensor alerts for service and calibration.

Sample management system ensures consistent, accurate data

Pressurized sample delivery reduces the impact of bubbles | Integrated Vacuum/Degas function streamlines sample handling for increased accuracy | Automated sample flow for precision data.

Fewer steps...increase throughput

One button sampling - results under 60 seconds | Quickly load up to 20 custom test recipes | Setup your won sampling recipe in less than 5 steps.

Stop wasting time diluting samples and cleaning the instrument

No dilution required for high viscosity fluids (<425cSt) | Automated cleaning and flushing routines | Sensor contamination alarm informs you in advance to ensure you clean prior to wasting sample and getting bad data.

Eliminate printing and go paperless. Get the data immediately in a PDF or Excel file

Create application specific reports in PDF or Excel format | Embedded web browser for online report review and approval | Export reports via USB memory stick or Ethernet.