Expedite each phase and you can fast-track your entire pipeline. 

From new biologics and next-generation antibiotics to pharmacogenomics, immunotherapy and nanomedicines, the pressure to expedite each new trek through the commercialization pipeline is intense.

Not surprisingly, the right technology can help alleviate this pressure:

  • The centrifuge is a time-tested workhorse for pharma/biotech research, while analytical ultracentrifugation is a unique tool that provides the most biophysical data currently possible from experiments on macromolecules in their native state. This has a wide variety of applications, such as studying viruses and other vectors for drug delivery, efficiently characterizing APIs and simplifying toxicology lot evaluations.
  • Flow cytometry is a vital technique used to optimize cellular/particle analysis for an expanding number of applications, such as cell therapy, biomarker detection, immunophenotyping, and safety research in preclinical and clinical trials.  
  • Lab automation solutions can dramatically accelerate drug discovery for small molecules, biologics and pharmacogenomics—among many others—by significantly streamlining research workflows and enabling efficient high-throughput screening tasks such as hit-picking.
  • Automated particle counting and characterization is a crucial component of every stage of R&D, preclinical and clinical trials. Widely used in Process Analytical Technology (PAT) protocols, particle analysis helps quickly characterize cells (and assess their viability), as well as drug carriers such as nanoparticles, parenterals, oral suspensions, tablets and vaccines.

The challenge to greatly shorten the time between discovery and commercialization of new therapies will only continue to intensify.

Fortunately, Beckman Coulter Life Sciences can help you meet that challenge—and many more.

What tools do you need to expedite discovery/development of the next breakthrough therapy?