How the Vi-CELL BLU Analyzer supports You from Data to Insights

Digital cell viability analysis and data integration into your network is becoming increasingly important for bioprocessing 4.0, the biopharmaceutical version of Industry 4.0. Bioprocessing 4.0 is on course to become a reality in the next decade. This is because the cyber-physical systems that comprise cloud computing, connected systems, and digital process control offer many benefits.

Being ready for Bioprocessing 4.0 does not require completion in one giant leap but, instead, should be a journey of manageable steps. Adopting available automation and real-time monitoring systems enabled by process analytical technology (PAT) from suppliers with a global network, deep process knowledge, and understanding of pain points can facilitate the transition to Bioprocessing 4.0.

Better process monitoring and management of a biologic's critical quality attributes (CQAs) and the ability to manage intensified processes for faster, less costly production of protein-based biologics and vaccines are key benefits of digitizing process operations. Automation of tasks also can reduce the number of skilled operators needed while making manual tasks less error-prone and more efficient.

That frees you to work on multiple processes simultaneously and respond rapidly to process issues, even from remote locations. Part of process analytical technology (PAT) is a device that monitors the health of the cells. This is where the Vi-CELL BLU Cell Viability Analyzer comes in.


Hear about the Vi-CELL BLU Analyzer from our Experts

In this video, Product Specialist Anne-Kathrin Barthel, Ph.D. and Senior IT Specialist Sören Kromrey - clarify important customer questions about the Vi-CELL BLU Analyzer. Topics discussed include:

  • Type of device design
  • Transfer of measurement data into customer networks
  • Data backup
  • Data storage
  • User authentication



Would you like to understand how to implement the topics discussed?

Our step-by-step instruction videos show data export, the active directory configuration options and the automated .zip export can be done.

Vi-CELL BLU Analyzer Brochure

vi-cell blu brochure

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