Vi-CELL BLU Cell Viability Analyzer Automation Integration

The Vi-CELL BLU cell viability analyzer can be integrated with a lab’s automation systems to help optimize the speed, reliability and reproducibility of results and introduce samples without human intervention.

vi-cell blu analyzer automation

When running in automation mode, the analyzer provides results consistent with standalone Vi-CELL BLU instruments while enabling the convenience of online sampling for cell concentration and viability.

This automation option is an available feature at time of purchase or can be added later.

How Automation Software Communicates With The Vi-CELL BLU

There are two main methods to enable automation software to communicate with the Vi-CELL BLU cell viability analyzer.

  • Direct OPC UA communication using your OPC UA Client
  • Enable your automation software to reference the OPC UA Client .NET DLL and code your software to communicate using that library

vicell blu analyzer automation

How We All Work Together

The lab purchases the automation-equipped Vi-CELL BLU analyzer from us and the automation solution from the automation solution provider (ASP).

We take care of installing the Vi-CELL BLU and providing the developer kit to the automation solution provider (ASP). From there, the ASP will use the kit to develop and validate the automation solution that works best for the lab, then we’ll all work together to seamlessly integrate it into the workflow.

vi-cell blu cell analysis automation

Validated Installation

Combining installation and qualification procedures helps ensure effective and efficient performance. That’s why the automation integration from the sample introduction point is fully supported and validated by us.

The Benefits of Qualification Services

Installation Qualification (IQ)

  • Documented collection of activities necessary to establish that an instrument is delivered as designed and specified, and is properly installed in the selected environment, and that this environment is suitable for the instrument

Operational Qualification (OQ)

  • Documented collection of activities necessary to demonstrate that an instrument will function according to the manufacturer’s operational specification in the selected environment

The Developer Kit for Automation Solution Providers

The developer kit contains information about the instrument’s automation integration along with examples of commands that can be sent to it. If you’re an automation solution provider and are interested in partnering with us to help labs around the world streamline processes through automation, we’d love to hear from you. Simply fill out this form to receive your kit.

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Automation Integration Guide for Automation Solution Developers

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