Vi-CELL BLU Virtual Demonstration Video Gallery

Looking for a better understanding of the Vi-CELL BLU cell viability analyzer? No problem. Check out our variety of virtual demonstration videos and get deep insights into the components, usage and advantages of the Vi-CELL BLU. 

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This video gives an overview about the hardware components of the Vi-CELL BLU.

Inside the Vi-CELL BLU


See the inner-workings of the Vi-CELL BLU to understand how it can help optimize your bioprocess workflow.

The Reagent Pack


Discover what's inside, and how the reagent pack is used

Quality Control Standards


The new concentration controls help you walk up and trust your Vi-CELL BLU every time

Change the Reagent Pack


Reagent packs are easy to replace with no mess. The reagents are packaged in a convenient ready-to-load kit

Empty the Waste Container


Safely remove your used vials by using the waste container

Run Sample in the Carousel


Learn how to run your sample in the 24-position carousel with just 170µl of sample in fast mode and 200µl in normal mode

Switch from Carousel to Plate


Analyze your sample in a 96-well plate or 24-position carousel. It just takes 1-click to change

Run Sample in 96-Well Plate


See how Vi-CELL BLU requires as little as 170ul of sample in fast mode or 200µl in normal mode when using a 96 well plate

Review Your Results


See how to easily review historical data using the built in filters

Recalculating Your Results


Recalculate your sample run again and again, with different cell types, without having to re-run the sample

Create New Cell Type


Customize your cell type to meet your individual requirements

Edit Settings


Change the language set-up, view instrument information, define security settings and change run options

Report Options


The Vi-CELL BLU software offers customized reports and exports to PDF for your sample analysis data

Manage Users


Manage users and maintain 21CFR Part 11 compliance by controlling and setting access permissions

Cell Media Analysis


The perfect pair for cellular analysis, the Vi-CELL MetaFLEX and Vi-CELL BLU