Safe Sample Prep - Centrifuge Level

Beckman Coulter’s BioSafe* centrifuge systems are equipped with a pharmaceutical-grade sterilizing filters which alleviates concerns over unwanted contaminants from entering the laboratory in the event that aerosols and/or a leak were experienced during the centrifuge cycle. Our pharmaceuitcal-grade sterilizing filters are manufactured in a controlled environment and undergo extensive integrity testing. The filter components have met the specifications for biological tests listed in the current revision of the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) for Class VI-121 C̊ plastics and bacterial retention in conformance with the applicable requirements of the FDA Guideline Sterile Drug Products Produced by Aseptic Processing—Current Good Manufacturing Practice. Furthermore, the filter system undergoes tests of cleanliness in accordance with Title 21 of the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) parts 211.72 and 210.3 (b) (6).


Beckman Coulter's Optima MAX - XP can be operated/monitored remotely via a web browser or java app, and the Optima XPN series can be operated/monitored remotely via a desktop or smartphone app, reducing your staff's time in the bio-safety lab. Also, remote diagnostic alerts can be setup to keep you informed throughout the run. Find out how you can control the centrifuge as if you were standing in front of it, and get status notifications delivered directly to your device.

*BioSafe is a term intended to describe the enhanced BioSafety features of our products.

BioSafe Centrifuges from Beckman Coulter

Optima XPN Standing Ultracentrifuge

Optima XPN

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Capacity 1,500mL
Max RPM 100,000
Max g 800,240 xg

Optima XE Ultracentrifuge

Optima XE-90

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Capacity 1,500mL
Max RPM 90,000
Max g 800,240 xg

Optima MAX-XP Benchtop Ultracentrifuge

Optima MAX-XP

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Capacity 194.4mL
Max RPM 150,000
Max g 1,019,100 xg

Optima MAX-TL Benchtop Ultracentrifuge

Optima MAX-TL

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Capacity 40.8mL
Max RPM 120,000
Max g 657,000 xg

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