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DGUC reveals the nature of heterogeneity in multiple LNP formulations

DGUC and Lipid Nanoparticles

Density gradient ultracentrifugation can be used to purify fractions of loaded lipid nanoparticles.


Density Gradient Ultracentrifugation is advantaged over affinity chromatography for viral vector purification.

High-Purity EV isolation

Ultracentrifugation (UC) is broadly considered the gold standard for EV purification due to its capacity to reproducibly isolate specific subpopulations of EVs.

Cell Culture Optimization using data from AUC

Discover how data from AUC can help improve AAV Production Yield.


Multiwavelength AUC characterization & QC

Discover how data from AUC determines dose optimization in therapeutic liposomes.

The Optima AUC instrument can detect samples based on UV-vis absorbance as well as refractive index.

Why use AUC?

Getting comfortable with Analytical Ultracentrifugation.

Sapphire vs. Quartz

Sapphire windows provide better data than quartz windows for high speed AUC applications, such as peptides and small molecules.

Density Gradient Ultracentrifugation (DGUC)

How can I prepare consistent density gradients for reproducibly purifying samples via ultracentrifugation?

AAV Analysis with AUC

AUC provides high-resolution data on AAV particle quality & fullness.

Seamless Protocol Transfer

Discover the ways to transfer an existing centrifugation protocol to a new rotor, bottle, or tube. 

Optima AUC Advantages

Discover the advantages of using the Optima AUC to improve your data quality and workflow efficiency.

Consumable Purity Grades

Discover the difference between sterile and certified free consumables, then determine the necessary purity grade for your application.

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