Unsupervised Clustering Using FlowSOM

FlowSOM is a powerful clustering algorithm that builds self-organizing maps to provide an overview of marker expression on all cells and reveal cell subsets that could be overlooked with manual gating.1 It can be implemented at many points in a single cell analysis workflow: prior to, after, or even instead of manual gating. FlowSOM was shown to produce results rapidly and automatically groups cell clusters into higher order metaclusters. This video explains why and how to run FlowSOM on the Cytobank platform and how to interpret the results.


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  1. Van Gassen S, Callebaut B, Van Helden MJ, et al. FlowSOM: Using self-organizing maps for visualization and interpretation of cytometry data: FlowSOM. Cytometry. 2015;87(7):636-645. doi:10.1002/cyto.a.22625