Don't Rely on Manual Gating Alone

Cytobank offers powerful data visualization and machine learning algorithms such as viSNE and FlowSOM to accelerate your research. Use the Cytobank platform to analyze, manage and archive your single cell data and to easily collaborate with colleagues across disciplines and geographies in the cloud.  cytobank logo

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Perform High-Dimensional Analysis

Discover unexpected phenotypes and create comprehensive visualizations with machine-learning algorithms. Automatically cluster cells using FlowSOM or SPADE and use viSNE to visualize and explore multi-dimensional data.

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Collaborate & Discover as a Team

Share and access data anytime, anywhere from any web-enabled device. Cytobank platform’s cloud -based capabilities allow scientists from around the globe to collaborate and dive deeper into large and complex data sets. Our Application Scientists will help you get the most out of your data.

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Store and Access Securely in the Cloud

Use the Experiment Manager to organize and find your projects. Create a reliable backup of your results and associated files in the cloud for storage, analysis, or sharing. Store protocols, presentations, microscopy images, and any other file types to automatically connect with one of your flow cytometry experiments.

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Graphical overview of workflow possible using the Kaluza Cytobank Plugin


Integrate Cytobank into your Analysis Workflow

Work seamlessly from data clean up in Kaluza to clustering and dimensionality reduction on the Cytobank platforrm – no coding required. Go beyond by connecting to other environments such as R and Python to access other algorithms using the Cytobank API.

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