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No matter which stage of your data analysis journey you’re on or where in the world you are, we’re here to help.

At your service is a diverse and dedicated team of specialists and data scientists who can help you build customized data analysis workflows, answer questions about the Cytobank platform, and help you overcome experiment-related challenges you may encounter along the way.

Watch as Qianjun Zhang — a staff application scientist here at Beckman Coulter Life Sciences — explains what we’re doing to ensure that you get the support and peace of mind you deserve.


Requesting support is simple. You can reach us anytime at [email protected] or by entering a request on the Cytobank support portal.

  • 40% of support requests are answered within one hour*
  • Over 80% of support requests receive a reply in under eight hours*

Enterprise users will receive training every time a new feature is released in addition to regular refresher training.

For premium users, we host monthly training sessions where our Application Specialists will walk you through basic steps in how to set up an analysis pipeline.

Resource Library

We’ve also created a comprehensive resource library where you can go to get in-depth information, articles and FAQs about all things Cytobank, including:

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Cytobank is a cloud-based platform for the analysis, storage, and sharing of flow and mass cytometry data. It offers machine learning-assisted analysis of high-dimensional single-cell data and is designed to let you easily collaborate with colleagues from different departments and regions from any web-based device.

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*Based on analysis of Cytobank support tickets in 2021


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