Cytobank Experiment Manager

The Experiment Manager is the first page you are directed to upon signing in to the Cytobank platform. It contains the Experiments you created or have permission to view. Experiments in your Experiment Manager can be searched, filtered and organized with Labels. Clicking on an Experiment from the Manager will open the Expanded Detail View, a preview pane summarizing the experiment.


Sorting and Organizing Experiments Using Filters and Labels

You can easily find the experiment you need by using the pre-set ownership filters in the left panel of the Experiment Manager (All, Mine, Shared with me, Public, Cytobank curated, or Trash).

Custom labels for a single or multiple experiments can be created by clicking on the checkbox to the left of the experiment name. Click the button that appears above called “Apply label.” This will create a colored label that appears next to the Experiment Name, as well as generate a filter for that label that appears in the left pane.

Figure 1. Experiment Manager.

Using the Expanded Detail View

When selecting an experiment in the Experiment Manager a more detailed view automatically expands to provide an overview of different experimental attributes. It shows users who have access, gated populations, advanced analysis such as viSNE or FlowSOM linked to this experiment and information on included FCS files, attached files and other details.

Visualizing Linked Experiments

Linked experiments are experiments and advanced analyses that are related to each other in a hierarchy of parents, siblings and descendants. Linkages are illustrated in an interactive tree diagram from the Experiment Summary page, under the section, “Linked experiments”. This is helpful when navigating related experiments and understanding how they relate to each other.

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