We want to enable and empower you to support multiple applications and workflows—from cell and blood separation to high-throughput screening—all with just one instrument.

Robust Versatility

With 10 rotor configurations and a comprehensive selection of adapters for swinging-bucket and fixed-angle rotors, the Allegra V-15R benchtop centrifuge brings more versatility to your bench. 

Image of all rotors compatible with Allegra V-15R refrigerated benchtop centrifuge

10 Rotor Configurations

From fixed-angle to conical fixed-angle to swinging-bucket, our extensive rotor portfolio gives you the flexibility and options you deserve for your evolving research needs.

Mobile Roller Cart

The Allegra V-15R benchtop centrifuge on top of a roller storage cart with its doors open and rotors and supplies inside.At a mere 60.5 centimeters wide and 63.5 centimeters deep, the Allegra V-15R is up to 28% smaller than comparable models and will fit in easily on your bench. However, for those times when you need more space or want to move it around the lab, the optional mobile cart lets you easily roll it to wherever you need it. The cart also gives you extra storage space for rotors and supplies.

And rest assured, we’ve conducted extensive safety testing on the Allegra V-15R + mobile cart combination to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

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Allegra V-15R Documentation

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