For us, safety is at the forefront of product design. 

From tube to rotor to centrifuge, we have carefully considered all possible layers of safety so that you can confidently focus on the research at hand. 

A view of the Allegra V-15R benchtop centrifuge's control panel 

Enhanced Safety Features

The inherent safety features incorporated into the Allegra V-15R refrigerated benchtop centrifuge help protect the instrument, your samples and most importantly—you.

Automatic Rotor Recognition

Maintaining safe, efficient and optimal speed is critical. That’s why Allegra V-15R automatically identifies the type of rotor being used and prevents it from running above its maximum rated speed. 

Rotor Cycle Count

As you know, the centrifugal field which accelerates the separation process also exerts large forces on rotors, and each type of rotor has a different useful life based on variables including design life, lifecycle testing and field data.

The rotor cycle count on the Allegra V-15R tracks the number of cycles by rotor model and bucket type. This will help you make informed decisions about rotor maintenance and retirement.  

Imbalance Detection

A fixed-angle rotor with sample tubes with green lids inside of an Allegra V-15R benchtop centrifuge.To ensure that a rotor spins safely and optimally, it’s essential that its load is balanced. The Allegra V-15R is equipped with imbalance detection that stops the centrifuge when the sample imbalance is outside of the specified limits. In addition to providing an additional layer of safety, this feature also helps to protect the drive shaft and bearings from being damaged.


BioSafe Peace of MindAn image of two hands holding a BioSafe swinging-bucket rotor bucket filled with tubes over a centrifuge

BioSafe rotors include hermetic seals which provide air- and water-tight protection. Fluid containment further eliminates leakage into the centrifuge chamber, in the case of a sample tube leak.

A comprehensive selection of BioSafe fixed-angle and swinging-bucket rotors is available for the Allegra V-15R.

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