Efficiency is all about accomplishing a task effectively, with the least-possible amount of waste, effort or energy. And when it comes to the lab, an efficient instrument can expedite workflows and accelerate your research.

The Allegra V-15R benchtop centrifuge on a lab bench with a researcher to the right of it manually pipetting a sample.

Efficiency and Sample Protection

With the Allegra V-15R on your bench, you’ll be able to maintain a consistent temperature, allowing you to spin faster and longer without overheating your samples. In addition, its non-linear acceleration and deceleration profiles will allow for quicker braking.

ECO Mode

To reduce energy consumption and extend compressor life, ECO Mode deactivates the compressor after a pre-selected time duration (up to 8 hours in 30-minute increments). Say goodbye to condensation pooling.

Rapid Temp

You no longer need to confirm the speed and time for pre-cooling. With Rapid Temp, the chamber can be pre-cooled to a defined temperature. Settings are automatically adjusted (as opposed to manually programming every time), and your runs will stop automatically when the set temperature is reached. The result: optimal sample protection and reduced energy consumption.

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Allegra V-15R Documentation

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