We meticulously design our centrifuges to enable you to advance your research and discovery at speeds that were once unimaginable. Ergonomics is a critical aspect of that design.

Ergonomic Features

The user-friendly, ergonomic design of the Allegra V-15R refrigerated benchtop centrifuge makes life in the lab easier.

A lab manager in a white lab coat closing the lid of an Allegra V-15R benchtop centrifuge.

Auto-open, Soft-close Lid

You can open the lid with a simple push of a button, or, better yet, program it to automatically open at the end of a run—this will also let you know that the run is done even if you’re on the other side of the lab.

And when you close the lid, there’s no need to exert unnecessary force. In fact, once it engages, it will close on its own.

The Allegra V-15R benchtop centrifuge on top of a roller storage cart with its doors open and rotors and supplies inside.Easy to Move

The Allegra V-15R weighs up to 14% less than other centrifuges in its class. And if you need more space on your bench, the optional roller cart lets you easily move it around the lab. 



Less Noise Pollution 

Decibel scale

Excess noise in the lab can dampen collaboration and discovery. With quiet operation of ≤56 dBA—at max speed—the Allegra V-15R is easy to work next to on the bench. 

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Allegra V-15R Documentation

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