AMPure XP Performance and Data

AMPure XP Manual or Automated Purification & Clean-up

Nucleic acid purification and clean-up are mandatory for genomic applications including sequencing, qPCR/ddPCR/PCR, microarrays and other enzymatic reactions. Maximizing recovery, consistency, and speed to facilitate the entire NGS workflow, Agencourt AMPure XP is optimized to meet the stringent needs of today’s genomic applications and to minimize the risk of losing important genetic information.

  • High recovery of amplicons, greater than 100 bp
  • Efficient removal of unincorporated dNTPs, primers, primer dimers, salts and other contaminants
  • Predictable and consistent size selection


NGS Experts Choose AMPure XP

Only AMPure XP provides predictable performance while maintaining efficient recovery proven by the relative difference between the reference and 1.8x ratio in the traces below.

Agilent TapeStation traces of sheared gDNA purified using Ampure XP, Reagent “O”, and Reagent “K”. Clean-ups were performed using 1.8x (red), 0.9x (blue), 0.7x (green), and 0.6x (aqua) reagent to sample ratios as shown. Traces show relative differences in peak height and recovery efficiency. Note the most common ratio used for NGS library clean up is 1.8x.

AMPure XP performance chart AMPure XP Performance Comparison Chart - Legend AMPure XP Performance Comparison Chart - Competitor 1 AMPure XP Performance Comparison Chart - Competitor 2


Visual Workflow

AMPure XP Workflow


Automation vs. Manual Timing

AMPure XP is a flexible reagent suitable for manual or automated workflows. Below is estimated hands-on time and total time, in minutes, for AMPure XP. 

  • Scalable based on throughput
  • Quick transition with ready-to-implement methods
  • Knowledgeable support for reagents, automation and methods all from a single vendor
AMPure XP Manual Automated
Batch Size 48 Hands-on Time 25 5
Total Time 25 22
96 Hands-on Time 30 5
Total Time 30 22
4 x 96 Hands-on Time NR 10
Total Time NR 45


AMPure XP is available in three kit sizes based on your throughput needs.

A63880 Agencourt AMPure XP, 5 mL 5 mL
A63881 Agencourt AMPure XP, 60 mL 60 mL
A63882 Agencourt AMPure XP, 450 mL 450 mL


Not intended or validated for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions.

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