Automate Your Purchasing with Scheduled Orders.

How it works


With Scheduled Orders, you can flexibly create, configure, and manage automatically repeating purchases right here on Procurement has never been easier.


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Easy to Configure

Add items, select quantities, and set the frequency of your shipments, all in a matter of minutes.

Completely Flexible

Edit and manage your ship schedule and/or individual shipments as needed.

Approval Options Included

Receive notifications and manually authorize each shipment, or completely automate the process.

Utilize Contract Pricing

Easily apply any of your organization's contract pricing to items in your ship schedule.

Pay by PO or Credit Card

With each scheduled order, you'll have flexible payment options to meet your organization's needs.

Built-in Tracking

View upcoming and past shipments, track ship schedule changes, and more, all from one convenient portal.

Watch a quick demonstration to see Scheduled Orders at work:


Schedule your orders in a matter of minutes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I navigate to the Scheduled Orders tool?
    • Click here to access Scheduled Orders, or simply sign into your account, click the person/user icon on the right side of the global navigation bar, click the blue "My Beckman" button, then click "Scheduled Orders" in the left-pane menu.
  • How do I create a new scheduled order?
    • From the main Schedule Orders window, click the blue button in the top right corner that says "New Scheduled Order" and follow the prompts and instructions to configure your order.
  • How do I add items to a scheduled order?
    • When setting up a new scheduled order, you'll be prompted to add items to your order by either looking up each item by product # OR by importing a .csv file that lists the product #'s and quantities of each item you'd like to include in your order (a .csv template is provided at this step for ease of use).
  • How can I edit an existing scheduled order?
    • From the main Schedule Orders window, click the blue title of the specific scheduled order that you'd like to edit. To edit your overall order settings (name, email address, auto-confirmation settings, shipping/billing addresses, payment info, etc), click the blue "Edit" button in the top right window. To edit the list of products in your scheduled order, or any settings associated with those products (quantities, shipment frequencies, or applied contract), navigate to Details > Ship Schedule Items, and click the blue "Edit" button next to an individual item.
  • Can I cancel or skip an individual shipment once an order is scheduled?
    • As long as a shipment has not been confirmed (either manually or via auto-confirmation), it can be cancelled or skipped.

      If you have opted for manual confirmation of each scheduled order, you will receive an email for each scheduled order prior to its shipment and will required to confirm that shipment in order for it to be processed; if you do not confirm the shipment or select to skip it, it will be given a shipment status of "missed," and will not ship (there are no penalties for this; it is functionally the same as simply skipping the shipment).

      If you have opted to Auto-Confirm each shipment, you will only be able to cancel or skip a shipment before the upcoming shipment has automatically confirmed.

      To cancel or skip specific shipments from within the Scheduled Orders tool, you can: click the blue title of the specific scheduled order that you'd like to edit, click "Shipments" in the top navigation bar, click "View" next to the specific shipment you'd like to skip, then click "Skip this shipment" (found directly next to the "Shipment Details" title at the top of the window).
  • My purchases require my organization to provide additional documentation. Can I submit this documentation using the Scheduled Orders tool?
    • Yes, you can. When inputting your payment information you'll be given the option to upload any attachments that may be related to or required for your specific purchase (tax forms, certificates, POs, etc).
  • Can I give special shipping instructions for my scheduled orders?
    • Yes, you can. When inputting your Shipping Address, you'll be able to choose your shipping carrier, as well as give any specific instructions that may be related to your shipment.
  • How can I pay for my scheduled orders via purchase order?
    • When inputting your payment information, you'll be prompted to select either Purchase Order or Credit Card as your method of payment.

      Please note that payment by Purchase Order requires established payment terms on behalf of your organization. If your organization has purchased from Beckman Coulter Life Sciences in the past and paid via purchase order, these terms have most likely already been established; as long as your individual account has been linked to your greater organization's account, you will be able to check out online via purchase order without any additional steps. If your organization does not yet have established payment terms, please be advised that our customer service department will be in touch to walk you through the establishment of payment terms (the process typically includes an account-level credit application).
  • What are the requirements for setting up a scheduled order?
    • Users are required to create an account on and their account must be validated in order to submit an order via Scheduled Orders. Validation is simply the process by which a customer number, bill-to number, and ship-to number are assigned to an account (we refer to the combination of these numbers as a user's trifecta).

      If you linked your personal account to your organization's existing account/trifecta upon registering, your account has already been validated.

      If you did not link to an existing organization account and haven't previously purchased on, you'll need to have your account validated. In order to do so, simply submit a regular, one-time order via the shopping cart on This will initiate the one-time validation process, which typically takes 3 business days as your initial order is processed.
  • I need help with a scheduled order. Who can I contact?