CellMek SPS System: Instrument Features

The CellMek SPS Sample Preparation System automates a workflow—from sample loading to samples ready to analyze—without user intervention. The system can perform fully automated cell washing, RBC lysing, and antibody staining with a choice of dry and liquid reagents.

On-board refrigeration and cap piercing technology reduce daily manual handling of antibodies

The system features a refrigerated, 53-position liquid antibody carousel so reagents can remain onboard. When you place new reagents on the system, all you need to do is replace the vial cap with a pierceable one, so there is no need to cap and uncap tubes after operation.

CellMek SPS Features Simplified Storage

CellMek SPS Features Flexible Method Setup

Fits a wide variety of applications

The Panel Designer Software lets you design your own protocols and set up many optional steps such as lysis, washing steps and volumes to pipet. Once designed, specimen IDs and prep protocols can be linked – manually or through an LIS test order.

DURACartridges – our innovative new format for automated use of dry reagents

In addition to liquid antibodies, the system provides capacity of up to 12 DURACartridges (12 tests each). These panels can also be combined with liquid reagents within a protocol. All reagents are barcoded to provide automated tracking of reagents for a full audit trail.

CellMek SPS Features Innovative Reagent Concept

CellMek SPS Features Onboard Cell Wash

Spin Wash Chambers provide onboard washing capability

Washing steps can be freely programmed (both pre- and postwashes) and are performed onboard in two Spin-Wash Chambers. This is key to an uninterrupted, truly walk-away operation.

Continuous loading and unloading provide flexibility and efficiency

Samples are introduced through tube-specific cassettes. You can load a maximum of 6 cassettes with 5 specimen tubes each. You can continuously load cassettes, and the system has automated rocking and cap piercing, so no need to manually unscrew specimen tube caps. As the CellMek SPS Sample Preparation System will take care of scheduling there is no need to batch specimens by application.

When samples are prepared, all you have to do is move the tube carousel to the flow cytometer for analysis, and because mixing and incubations are performed in the reaction plates, you can request release of the output carousel anytime in order to start analyzing the first set of samples while the prep system continues preparing further samples for a new carousel.

CellMek SPS Feeatures Continuous Input/Output