CellMek SPS System: Video Gallery

The CellMek SPS system helps your lab reach the next level of process optimization. Watch the variety of videos explaining how CellMek SPS Sample Preparation System helps to address the 8 wastes of lean processing and to streamline your workflow.

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History of Automation


Watch the video about our journey to lean workflow solutions.

Duration: 2 min. 46 sec.

CellMek SPS Overview


Learn more about CellMek SPS Features.

Duration: 1 min. 38 sec.

CellMek SPS Workflow


Explore how CellMek SPS can improve your Flow Cytometry Workflow.

Duration: 3 min. 04 sec.

Innovation Keynote


Join us for the recap of CellMek SPS Sample Preparation System 2022 Launch Keynote.

Duration: 15 min. 28 sec.