Understanding the How and the Why: Biosafety in Centrifugation


Centrifugation is an indispensable laboratory application for separating and purifying a range of biological materials. Although a cornerstone, gaps in general understanding of Good Laboratory Practices (21 CFR part 58) are not uncommon, and can serve to impede efficiencies, negatively impact research goals and can even increase laboratory safety risk factors.

This webinar will address potential gaps, review proper use and maintenance of centrifuges, rotors, and labware with a focus on BioSafety (42 CFR part 73). The intent is to provide information to assist with utilizing centrifugation in a more productive and safe manner. 


Dr. Lori Kelman
Professor of Biotechnology 
Montgomery College 

Mr. Bob Rodriguez
Sales Specialist
Beckman Coulter Life Sciences

Webinar Date:

September 30, 2021