TRBC1 Antibodies

The TCR constant β chain 1 or TRBC1 is randomly selected during T-cell development in the thymus. TRBC1 is a part of the TCRαβ-CD3 complex only expressed on mature αβ T-cells; γδ T-cells are inherently negative for TRBC1. TRBC1 is mainly localized on the cell surface but also detectable in the cytoplasm (Horna et al., 2022). Our TRBC1 antibodies can be conjugated to any dye in our portfolio through Custom Design Services either as a standalone conjugated antibody, or part of liquid or dry custom panel. For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Anti-TRBC1 in combination with Anti-TRBC2 conjugates can be used for a low-cost, rapid, and specific T-cell clonality test using flow cytometry. TRBC1 and TRBC2 are mutually exclusive. Normal T-cell populations include a mix of the two, while clonal populations include only one.

Clone: JOVI.1 Isotype: IgG2a Mouse

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