Antibodies & Kits

The Beckman Coulter reagent portfolio is focused on quality and can provide laboratories with the necessary tools to perform tests and assays by flow cytometry under optimal conditions. 

  • Largest portfolio of clinical grade conjugated antibodies
  • Time saving preformulated multi-color antibody combinations
  • Improved laboratory workflow efficiency using kits including sample preparation, antibody reagents and support reagents

Browse our reagent portfolio below or search conjugated antibodies by regulatory status, fluorochrome, isotype, format and more.


Ready-to-use antibody combinations for Leukemia & Lymphoma Immunophenotyping by clinical flow cytometry providing simple workflows, accuracy and reliability.


Dry, unitized, pre-formulated antibody panels for Immune System Research, Immune Functional studies, Rare Event detection and selected clinical applications.


Ready-to-use IVD solutions for lymphocyte subset analysis provided in barcoded and cap-pierceable vials.

Krome Orange

Krome Orange dye has been optimized for superior optical performance including high signal to noise ratios and minimal intra-laser compensation requirements.