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Mario Koksch Beckman Coulter

On behalf of Beckman Coulter Life Sciences, I’d like to thank you for partnering with us for your diagnostic, clinical research, and basic research flow cytometry needs.

Our goal is to help you achieve your goals—by providing the technology you need to get the most accurate, reproducible results, especially for high-complexity flow cytometry applications. You can rely on us to help you meet a variety of challenges, from streamlining workflow and reducing sample preparation time, to eliminating time-consuming manual steps that can result in costly errors.

We value the trust you place in us to deliver the innovation you need—from reagents, software and instruments.

Some recent examples of these innovations include:

  • Continuous improvement in our broad range of reagents, such as further extension of ready-to use DURAClone dry reagents for clinical research studies.
  • ClearLLab reagents, the first pre-formulated, IVD antibody reagents to streamline and standardize immunophenotyping for leukemia and lymphoma.
  • Navios EX instrument, for advanced cytometry applications is optimized for the clinical laboratory workflow, delivering sensitivity, resolution, quality and reproducible results.
  • For researchers, the focus has been on minimizing light loss to improve detection of even dim populations. Our solution to that challenge has been the award-winning advanced optics and laser technology behind the CytoFLEX flow cytometer series.

    We proudly dedicate to you, our customer, our 30 years of experience and innovation in clinical flow cytometry. And we look forward to continuing to serve you — from application design and training to technical support and service.

    Our commitment to you is simple: We will continue to provide you with solutions that deliver greater accuracy, while enabling you—and your lab—to work more efficiently.

    Again, we’re honored to be your partner. Your challenges are our challenges. And whenever you need to explore solutions to those challenges, we hope you’ll start here.

    Warmest regards,

    Mario Koksch, MD PhD MBA
    Vice President and General Manager
    Flow Cytometry Business Unit


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    2020 OUS Catalog

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    Disclaimer: Beckman Coulter can't provide support to build panels with ASRs for specific applications.

    It is the responsibility of the customer to validate the panels when using ASR or CE-IVD reagents. 

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