DURAClone SC Hematopoietic Stem Cell

Hematopoietic progenitor cells and stem cells (HPCs, HSCs) are the principal origin of all blood cells. The DURAClone SC Hematopoietic kit is an 8-marker, 8-color antibody panel that allows the identification of multipotent progenitors including long-term-repopulation potential, and subsequent stages of commitment to erythro-myeloid or lympho-myeloid lineages. The kit utilizes dry reagent technology that confers workflow improvements.

  • Combination of 8 markers in fluorochrome combinations that provide robust population identification, including CD10, CD34, CD38, CD45, CD45RA, CD49f, CD90, CD133
  • Pre-formulated antibody panel in a unitized assay eliminating antibody cocktailing
  • 25 tests per package including 2 compensation kits with lot matched tandem dyes

Expert Panels


  • Eliminate time spent in titrating different antibody lots
  • Avoid waste that comes from preparing cocktail master mix
  • Simplify inventory management


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