Data Visualization Tools

Quickly summarizing high parameter data in intelligible, comprehensive figures can increase research productivity and generate compelling figures for publications and reports. The compelling graphics offered by the Cytobank platform enable unparalleled communication between clinical researchers, scientists and other collaboration partners.

Working Illustration

The Cytobank platform supports the dynamic generation of figures using sample tags. FCS files in isolation aren't as valuable without contextual annotations. Sample tags are the way in which experimental and scientific variables are assigned to FCS files in Cytobank. For complex experiments involving different treatment conditions and time points, it is not necessary to build every single plot. Sample tags are used as figure dimensions and the whole figure is automatically generated. Figures may contain a variety of plot types and statistics.



Get the big-picture view of your experiment to observe how all the samples are behaving under different conditions, while at the same time accessing the linked underlying single-cell details.

Heatmap view of Stat3 phosphorylation of different cellular subsets after cytokine treatment

Figure 1. Heatmap View of Stat3 Phosphorylation of Different Cellular Subsets after Cytokine Treatment.


This novel data representation displays gating hierarchies and statistical data. Dynamically zoom in to focus on populations of interest and reveal relationships between nested data.

Sunburst of T cell memory subsets

Figure 2. Sunburst of T cell memory subsets. Data was generated using the DURAClone IM T Cell Subsets Antibody Panel and was acquired on a CytoFLEX LX Flow Cytometer.

Dose Response

Dose response analysis can reveal the impact of a treatment or identify the optimal compound dosage. Single cell data can provide important insights into the behavior of specific cell subtypes that cannot be gleaned from bulk population studies.

Dose Response

Figure 3. Bulk versus Single-cell Dose Response Analysis


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.