Sealing Tubes

We offer several types of sealing tubes designed for use in specific rotor types and applications: 

OptiSeal tubes

  • Single-use tubes available in dome-top and bell-top styles.
  • Come with plastic sealing plugs, easily prepared for use without tools or heat.
  • Spacers are used to seal the tubes and to support the tops of the tubes during centrifugation.
  • With the tube plug and spacer (and rotor plug, if required) in place, the g forces during centrifugation ensure a tight, reliable seal.

Quick-Seal tubes 

  • Heat-sealed tubes used in swinging bucket, vertical tube, near vertical tube, and in most fixed-angle rotors.
  • Especially useful for the containment of radioactive or pathogenic samples.
  • The bell-top style simplifies removal of materials that float during centrifugation.
  • Dome-top style tubes hold more volume.


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Tube & Bottle Selection Guide

Choosing the right tube or bottle for your protocol can be challenging. Considering your requirements and these factors will make your selection easier. 

Open Top Tubes

 Single-use and reusable open top tubes in multiple material types and volume ranges for easy sample loading and recovery.

Sealing Tubes

OptiSeal and Quick Seal tubes provide a fast, reliable seal every time, with no tools, heat or closure verification required.

Specialty Tubes

Specialty tubes include stainless steel for chemical and heat-sensitive applications, single-use transparent tubes and more

Bottles & Large Volume Tubes

Centrifugation bottles for an array of applications, such as large-volume pelleting, protein purification, DNA isolation or sample storage.

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