Bottles & Large Volume Tubes

Beckman Coulter one-liter bottles, made of either polycarbonate (hard and clear) or of polypropylene (translucent), are designed for many uses. A plastic sleeve must be used around each bottle during centrifugation in Beckman Coulter J6 rotors to prevent the bottles from stretching or breaking. In other rotors, if the bottles fit snugly in the buckets, sleeves are not required.

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Tube & Bottle Selection Guide

Choosing the right tube or bottle for your protocol can be challenging. Considering your requirements and these factors will make your selection easier. 

Open Top Tubes

 Single-use and reusable open top tubes in multiple material types and volume ranges for easy sample loading and recovery.

Sealing Tubes

OptiSeal and Quick Seal tubes provide a fast, reliable seal every time, with no tools, heat or closure verification required.

Specialty Tubes

Specialty tubes include stainless steel for chemical and heat-sensitive applications, single-use transparent tubes and more

Technical Documents

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