Replacement O-Ring for Large Seal 16mm ID x 19mm OD

Product No:868638

Also known as a "Large Seal Housing O-ring" and "O-ring for Bucket" and is for use with High-Performance and High-Capacity Centrifuge Rotors: JCF-Z Continuous Flow (part #s 335140, 357544, 357521) JE-5.0 Elutriator (part # 356900) For use in Ultracentrifuge Rotors: SW 60 Ti Swinging Bucket (part #s 335649, 335650) TLS-55 Swinging Bucket (part #s 346936, 346134) Seal Assembly for Zonal Rotor (part # 334241)

$4.30 List Price - $4.30

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