Elevating Bioprocessing Efficiency with Avanti JXN and Optima XPN Centrifuges

Unveiling Connectivity and IT Security Innovations

Centrifuges are vital for many bioprocessing procedures from the very first step of harvesting and sample clarification to the final stages of purification, concentration and polishing. Discover how Avanti JXN Series and Optima XPN Ultracentrifuges are transforming bioprocessing through cutting-edge connectivity and IT security. This video explores the shift from traditional controls to advanced software, the benefits of network connectivity, and the potential of the application programmable interface (API).

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In this video, Market Development Manager Dr. Lutz Erhardt and Senior IT Specialist Sören Kromrey will share insights on connectivity and new IT development in centrifuges:

  • Bioprocessing Efficiency: Avanti JXN series and Optima XPN Centrifuges optimize bioprocessing efficiency, ensuring seamless operations from sample harvesting to purification.
  • Connectivity Evolution: These centrifuges have transitioned from classical control modules to Windows-based software, offering enhanced control, reporting, and electronic signatures.
  • Offline Capabilities: Despite the industry's shift toward digitalization, the instruments retain offline capabilities, such as printout reports and data storage on external drives.
  • API Integration: The application programmable interface (API) allows users to integrate the instruments into their IT infrastructure, enhancing monitoring and control capabilities.

Explore how these innovations are revolutionizing bioprocessing, prioritizing efficiency, safety, and compliance in this informative video.


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