Simple Analysis Meets AUC Quality with DGE-AUC

Simple Analysis Meets AUC Quality with DGE-AUC

Based on the gold-standard preparative density gradient ultracentrifugation (DGUC), density gradient equilibrium analytical ultracentrifugation (DGE-AUC) makes method optimization and analysis easy and relatable. DGE-AUC is a direct measurement method, not relying on complex computations – if you see a peak, it’s real and you can quantify it.

No AUC expert required.

A stock solution of cesium chloride (CsCl) is mixed with your sample to reach a defined final density before spinning. A density gradient will form during centrifugation, and the particles of interest will migrate to where their buoyant density is equal to the surrounding media. At equilibrium, the position of the banded particles directly correlates to the buoyant density of the species (e.g., viral vector packaging or fullness).

Data from DGE-AUC may be directly imported into most data analysis and graphing software (e.g., Excel™ or Origin™). Both programs can open multiple AUC files with a single import command. Complete analysis including plotting, quantification and figure generation may be completed in as little as a few minutes or automated for even more efficient analysis.

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Less Sample Required

Like DGUC, the DGE-AUC technique concentrates particles of equivalent buoyant density into sharp bands, so it is extremely sensitive.

This method may enable at least 30X greater sensitivity than Sedimentation Velocity AUC (SV-AUC), allowing you use much less sample and much lower concentrations or absorbances. This makes DGE-AUC especially suitable for early development and in-process testing where sample is in short supply.

Even if your sample is highly concentrated, DGE-AUC can still provide valuable information. For example, DGE-AUC can be used to detect low abundance species in the presence of significant amounts of species.

Finally, DGE-AUC enables straightforward baseline correction and, with some optimization, can also be used for samples with significant baseline absorbance.

Higher Throughput

Get answers faster when you combine the DGE-AUC technique with a 6-channel centerpiece.

Speed up your experiments with shorter pathlengths (~1 hour for adenovirus, longer for smaller particles) and facilitate analysis of up to 21 samples in a single run.

These rapid methods and simple analysis allow shorter turnaround times to make informed decisions on in-process samples and expedite process development.

Added Versatility with the Optima AUC System

Optima AUC Analytical Ultracentrifuge The Optima AUC offers multiple techniques and optical systems in a single instrument for determining particle loading, heterogeneity, aggregation, molecular weight and more.

  • Sedimentation Velocity (SV)
  • Density Gradient Equilibrium (DGE)
  • Analytical Band Centrifugation (ABC)
  • Sedimentation Equilibrium (SE)

Each of these operate based on different principles and provide complementary information. With the Optima AUC, you have the flexibility to choose experiment type(s) based on the answer you need.

In addition, the Optima AUC is outfitted with UV/Vis and interference detectors. The UV/Vis detection system affords multiwavelength (MWL) capabilities for selective monitoring of species between 190-800 nm, while the interference detector allows for bulk measurement and monitoring of density gradient formation.

Most of the available hardware and consumables are amenable to multiple experiment types, so think of the Optima AUC as your all-in-one characterization toolbox.

Get started running DGE-AUC Experiments with the Optima AUC

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*Third-party analysis software, including Excel and Origin, has not been validated by Beckman for use with the Analytical Ultracentrifuge. Beckman does not endorse any third-party analyses software. Beckman warranty and/or performance guarantee that may be applicable or are provided by Beckman for Analytical Ultracentrifuge do not apply to any third-party software.

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