Density Gradient Equilibrium (DGE) AUC Resources Center

Based on the gold-standard preparative density gradient ultracentrifugation (DGUC), density gradient equilibrium analytical ultracentrifugation (DGE-AUC) makes method optimization and analysis easy and relatable. DGE-AUC is a direct measurement method, not relying on complex computations – if you see a peak, it’s real and you can quantify it.

DGE experiments utilize an easy-to-analyze method that characterizes empty/full viral capsids with significantly less sample requirements than other methods.

To learn more about DGE-AUC, explore these documents:

Getting Started with DGE-AUC Analysis

Getting Started with DGE-AUC Analysis

This reference guide describes how to import, plot, and analyze DGE-AUC data in Origin in only a few minutes.

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Choosing DGE-AUC

Summary of when DGE-AUC is a good characterization option and its benefits.

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DGE-AUC for Gene Therapy Analytics

Adapting the Power of Density Gradient Separations for Gene Therapy Analytics

A poster introducing the technique of using cesium chloride density gradients in the AUC and an articulation of those benefits.

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Characterizing Viral Vector Fullness in Density Gradient Separations

Known as density gradient equilibrium analytical ultracentrifugation (DGE-AUC), it’s a simplified method that provides high-resolution benefits along with numerous advantages over the current gold standard sedimentation velocity AUC.

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