A suite of techniques for virus concentration

In order to detect SARS-CoV-2 in wastewater systems, researchers need to concentrate the virus from wastewater samples. Continue reading to learn more about centrifugation solutions for virus concentration techniques: 


Easy set up 

• Relatively fast and offers scale up options

• Eliminates scraping or washes pellets from a membrane 

• Eliminates risk of clogging 

• Lowers costly consumables used 


• Membrane separation technique 

• Membranes can be spin-devices for a variety of volumes 

• Easy solution, up to 50mL per spin-device

• Possible pretreatment of sample to avoid membrane complications  

• May require high volumes resulting in more time needed to process samples

Chemical / Biochemical Precipitation

• Uses chemical or biochemical substances to precipitate the virus 

• Can be adapted to different volumes

• Precipitates can be collected via centrifugation

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