CD45RO Antibodies

The CD45RO molecule is the 180 kDa isoform of CD45 Leucocyte Common Antigen (LCA). The expression of the CD45RA/CD45RO isoforms of CD45 is associated with functional differentiation of T lymphocytes. CD45RO is expressed by cortical thymocytes, CD4+ memory T lymphocyte subset and activated T lymphocytes. CD45RO is weakly expressed on monocytes and granulocytes.

Clone: UCHL1 Isotype: IgG2a Mouse

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Product Line Specifications

Format Liquid
Specificity CD45RO
Form ECD
Clone UCHL1
Isotype IgG2a Mouse
Cross Reactivity Carp, Mink, Trout
Target Species Human
Flow Product Line IOTest
Item Specifications Referenced IM2712U

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