CD2-RD1, SFCI3Pt2H9, 100 Tests, CE, IVD

Product No:6602868

The CD2 antigen (LFA-2) is a monomeric 50 kDa glycoprotein. It was formerly described as the sheep red blood cell receptor, causing T-cell rosetting, and has been identified as the ligand for CD58 (LFA-3). It is also a receptor for CD48, CD59 and CD15, which binds to the multimeric form of CD2. CD2 is present on the majority of normal human peripheral blood T lymphocytes and a high percentage of NK cells. It is also expressed by all thymocytes.

Product Specifications

Target Species Human
Specificity CD2
Other Names CD2, CD58 Ligand, LFA-2, Sheep red blood cell rosettes
Fluorochrome RD1
Regulatory Status IVD, CE, Japan IVD
Size 100 Tests
Format Liquid
Flow Product Line coulter clone
Clone SFCI3Pt2H9
Isotype IgG1 Mouse
Clone Description SFCI3Pt2H9 inhibits sheep erythrocyte rosette formation. It has been used as a CD2 reference monoclonal antibody during HLDA 6 (ref.6T-CD2.6).
Cross Reactivity Cynomolgus Monkey, Indian Rhesus, Hamadyras Baboon, Olive Baboon, Common Marmoset, Capuchin Monkey, Squirrel Monkey

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